We do not work on our own. We cooperate with a wide range of international organisations and NGOs. IID

is therefore in a unique
position to share its experiences with local NGOs. We do


Women’s rights are often institutionally undermined by law or custom causing women, more often than men, to suffer from economic, political and social inferiority. Working towards a more equal


Refugees and internally displaced persons experience loss of not only personal property, but the security of social ties and community trust. The process of emigrating to a new community leaves many


We are now pursuing an education strategy to teach all illiterate citizens reading and writing. To that end, IID develops and implements integrated education policies and programmes giving priority to literacy throughout formal and non-formal education. IID Does that.


The people of Iraq have seen multiple wars and civil unrest both directly affecting the population and surrounding it. The divides between ethnicities, tribes and political and religious groups are


In the years reserved for development and learning children and adolescents in conflict areas experience damaging interruptions in their upbringing. Conflict leaves children and youth vulnerable to