Animation Movie about Legal Awareness: How to Get Your Official Documents

The story of Zainab and Rabab who were IDPs and lived in a camp in 2015 was shown in a short movie. Zeinab married Ahmed in the court, but Rabab got married outside the court by an informal contract. Hasan, who is Rabaab's husband, killed in an accident leaving Rabab without any document or proof that says he is Rabab's husband. Rabab gave birth to a child who has no proof that he is a legitimate son of Hasan. As shown, the aim of the movie is to preview the risks of out-of-the court marriage and to raise the awareness of people of its consequences

project : back to school 

An animation movie produced by IID in 2015 that aims to raise the awareness of IDPs who fled from territories controlled by ISIL. During displacement, many people lost their official documents. That's why, our movie tries to enlighten IDPs about the ways of getting these documents out with the help of IID legal team. This activity is a part of the IDPs legal support program that was implemented in Baghdad, Diyala, Kirkuk and Erbil.

Religious and Ethnic Diversity in Iraq

Documenting the project ( Psychosocial Support Activities for Vulnerable Individuals in Iraq ) that IID worked on in 2016 in Baghdad and Erbil and helping 400 children, IDPs.

The story of Dalia, a 14-year-old girl whose parents forced her to marry a 50-year-old man called Hameed. Dalia plays with her toys when Hameed goes out of the house. Hameed uses physical or moral violence to have sexual relation with Dalia. She ran away from the house and didn’t know where to go. As shown, the aim of the movie is to educate people about the risks of underage marriage.

Dalia's Animation Movie/ Risks of Underage Marriage

A movie that talks about respecting others, whatever, their religion, beliefs, sects, cultures, ethnicity, and color. The movie stresses out the promoting of peace among Iraqi components without discrimination. As emphasized in the movie, ensuring respect for religion, sects, cultures, ethnicity, and color and freedom of belief is of paramount importance. This is the key to peace, stability and prosperity.

Global Women's Day Activity


A movie that talks about cooperation among young people of different ethnicities and religions to celebrate their friend birthday, who is from a different religion, was produced by IID. The movie promote peace among young people and reminds us that all of us is human and there is no difference.

IOM project

Religious and Ethnic Diversity in Iraq

Zeinab and Rabab's Animation Movie/ the Risks of Extrajudicial Marriage

A documentary movie was presented at Kuwait International Conference for Reconstruction of Iraq in February, 2018. This movie sheds light on the strategies followed by ISIL in education to brainwash young children, especially primary school pupils, during ISIL 3-year occupation of the city of Mosul, from 2014 until 2016. The movie shows how ISIL employed schools and manipulated the curriculum to create a violent generation that supports ISIL and follows its rules. The movie also shows how IID opened six centers in the West and East of Mosul to provide PFA, PSS, educational support, vocational trainings and recreational activities to all people directly after taking over the city from the hand of this savage gang as a counter measure and to restore those people's lives and inspire hope and create peace.

The Iraqi Institution for Development, IID, has arranged and implemented five plays in Ninawa Governorate in the following locations (Mosul, Telkif, Bashiqa and Nimrod) to educate students and parents about the importance of education and encourage drop-out students to return to school. The plays offered a friendly and amusing environment to reduce the psychological trauma among children and entice them to pursue their education and reminded them of its importance in building their future and the future of their country, i.e. Iraq.

date : 8/10/2019 to 24/10/2019​

Psycho-social Support for Women

and Children Movie